Discover the many benefits of Cassa RBM Salute!

You can take advantage of the services offered by your health plan in two ways:

THROUGH A NETWORK OF PARTNER STRUCTURES: partner healthcare facilities (Previmedical Network) will provide the care included in your health plan WITH NO UPFRONT PAYMENT (over and above any excesses or deductibles).

REFUND: or you can apply for a refund of any costs already borne at non-partner hospitals/clinics. In this case you pay the full amount and send Cassa RBM Salute a refund application with your medical documentation and receipts.

A few examples of the many benefits:

Direct hospital care:

full payment of all hospitalisation costs with no advance charge or excesses / deductions.

Not just major operations or admissions:

but also minor surgical procedures, increasingly used by public hospitals as they are less invasive and require briefer hospitalisation.

Hospital care:

reimbursement of costs of surgery at any healthcare structure by any medical team even if not under agreement with RBM Health.

Prevention is better than cure:

The RBM Salute plan not only guarantees refund of healthcare costs in the event of illness, but also for medical examinations and check-ups to keep the health of you and your family under control.