Who we are

The insurance company


RBM Salute S.p.A. (formerly DKV Salute) is a specialist healthcare insurance company (health plans, dentistry, LTC, accident and injury), and preferred partner of Munich Re (Europe's leading global insurance group in the health sector), formed in 2007 with the goal of becoming a major player in private heath insurance. Currently RBM Salute collects over €200 million in premiums, insures 3 million people (or around 40% of all health insurance policy holders in Italy) and is ranked the no. 3 healthcare insurance company by ANIA (Italian Association of Insurance Companies). RBM Salute clients include leading multinational and national firms in Italy, several large public administrations and numerous healthcare welfare and assistance funds.



Cassa RBM


Cassa RBM Salute is a complementary health fund of the Public Health Service, enrolled and approved by the Complementary Health Funds’ registry, which is an institution of the Ministry Of Health. The fund, which is a no-profit organization, guarantees to its beneficiaries complementary health assistance in case of illness and/or invalidity and/or accident and/or non self – sufficiency and/or assistance and/or death (TCM). Regarding the services supplied, the fund, in a mutuality system, guarantees special normative and economical terms thanks to the stipulation with RBM Salute of accidents and illnesses Insurances and with Insurance Company, chosen after a strict selection, of Life Insurances.



The network of partner structures


RBM Salute has chosen PREVIMEDICAL - Private Healthcare Services – S.p.A. as its partner in the provision of healthcare services. PREVIMEDICAL is Italy's leading operator in the management of private healthcare funds and health insurance. It currently manages over 3,000,000 insured parties and around 1,900,000 sickness claims annually. PREVIMEDICAL has a network of 97,000 hospitals and doctors, offering a far reaching service throughout Italy. RBM Salute understands that service is a vital part of its health plans, and has therefore chosen Previmedical S.p.A. - Italy's leading manager of sickness claims - as its strategic partner for the administration and pay-out of all healthcare insurance in Italy to guarantee its clients high quality and high value added services.

The partnership between RBM Salute and Previmedical is designed to:

  • guarantee clients high quality and high value added services
  • amplify and improve the quality of the network of healthcare structures available to its clients
  • create an innovative operating model for simple and rapid claims management.